• Katherine Joan Eaton design

    Katherine is a first year student in product design at the Design Centre Enmore.

Final Lampshade Photos


Final Sideboard Render

This sideboard can be made from a single 1200×2400 mm sheet of plywood.  There is a contrast between the matte finish on the hard wood and the colourful, high-gloss, lacquered shelves.

design of the week 18/5-31/5

Smile Stool by Fitorio Leksono The Smile Stool by Fitorio Leksono has lovely lines, and is made out of recyled waste materials from furniture production in Indonesia.  I also love his Ilumi candle holder.  Both via Yanko Design.  

Design of the week – 11-17 May

I encountered Chair Blog for the first time this week, following a link off of Yanko Design.  I spent some time looking around.  S Chair by Tom Vaughan is the recent post which I like the most.  The lines are gorgeous.  It also looks well-formed for the human body, which is so often not the case with cleverly … Continue reading

Lampshade Progress – Variations

  These are the two variations on the enveloped lampshade which I like the most.  I’m still deciding which to make a prototype of.

On wanting, doing and greatness…

“…you don’t become great by wanting to be great.  You become great by wanting to do something, and then doing it so hard that you become great in the process.” The cartoon, http://xkcd.com/896/ (via Alas, a Blog) is about female scientists, but it applies to anything worth doing well.

Design of the week – 4-10 May

Yanko Design is my favourite design site at the moment.  I know, not very original.  But, it would be a shame if somewhere so great didn’t get the credit they deserve.   I think the best design featured this past week was this laptop/dock.  I’m always trying to find that THING that will somehow make me organized.  Could … Continue reading

Mini-Review: Design for the Other 90%

 Charcoal made from agricultural waste materials like corn cobs and millet stalks provide feul is cleaner burning than the scarce wood available in so much of the developing world.  A system which adapts traditional earthenware pots so that farmers can keep produce cool, preserving it for longer.  Tomatoes last for 21 days, as opposed to only … Continue reading

Enveloped Lampshade

This concept is based on a core made of a twisted strip of polypropylene (a variation on Twisted), which I then enveloped with triangles.  This is the concept which I am developing for the final project.